The Cowboy Photography Of Brian Humek

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Brian Humek began taking photographs as a child with his cherished X-45 instamatic camera, which he still owns. The pictures he took were black and white prints of his relatives and his Siamese cat "Joey". Born and raised near Chicago, Illinois, the closest Brian ever came to the cowboy life was the rocking horse on his front porch. With his city upbringing, one wouldn’t believe that the ranches in the expanse of west Texas would become Brian’s photographic home away from home. A few years ago Brian couldn’t be happier than being right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the traffic and shoppers on State Street in downtown Chicago. Contrast that setting with Brian’s preference today. He’d now rather find himself sitting beneath the fly of a chuckwagon eating chicken fried steak and listening to tales of some hardworking cowboys.


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