"Sometimes It Takes Four"
Triange Ranch
Paducah, TX

The Triangle Ranch is one of the many historic ranches in Texas. A friend of ours is a chuckwagon cook and he spoke to ranch foreman Matt Swan about my coming out to photograph a spring branding. My wife and I spent a couple days there but I only took two good pictures, this being what I believe is the best.

It was at this set of pens where a cowboy offered me a snack of a freshly cooked calf fry (testicle). I declined and said if I ever do eat one, I'll let our friend the cook (a professional) make it for me. When I included this photo in my exhibit, I decided to draw the brand next to my signature. I found out later from my friend that I drew the brand (a triangle) incorrectly, it is suppose to be drawn upside down, a mistake that many a Yankee has probably made.

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